Making a reservation for your requested date & time in our booking system.

Can I reserve the tour for more than 6 people?

Our booking system allows reservations for a maximum of 6 people per booking. Our experience shows us that other attendees appreciate smaller groups within the tour. It keeps the tour up to speed and it’s easier to make new friends between smaller groups. We kindly ask you to respect this. If you are visiting with [...]

Can I change or cancel the reservation?

No problem! You can cancel the tour at anytime in your confirmation email through this button: You can make a new reservation on your preferred date & time.

What language is the tour given in?

Free Walking Tours Maastricht are given in English. We try to use clear, basic English to tell our stories to people of all nationalities. If something is unclear during the tour, please tell us and we will take our time to explain it.

How do I know the tour I booked is definite?

After you book a tour, you will receive a confirmation email that ensures your booking. The tours will always go through as planned, regardless of the weather or how many people show up. On the rare occasion a tour has to be canceled, we will notify you by email.

Can I come without a reservation?

We accept walk-ins, if the group size allows us to take on more people.However, you already made it to the point where you can read this and booking is easy and free! It also allows us to prepare and ensure that we have enough guides to accommodate everyone. 

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