Gilbert’s Personal Recommendations For Maastricht

Maastricht is a great place for its gastronomy and bar scene. The best pastry can be found here (don’t miss out on Limburgse Vlaai) and the city boasts some of the best restaurants of the Dutch south. Read my personal recommendations for Maastricht below, and don’t forget to write me a review here ?

Sincerely, Gilbert


Likes: Storytelling, history and a cold glass of beer!

Favourite city (besides Maastricht): Antwerp

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Eating in Maastricht

Street Food: Craving the perfect snack in the heart of Maastricht? Look no further than Frites Reitz! We’re your go-to spot for the crispiest, golden, and mouthwatering fries in town.

Bakery: At the Bisschopmolen, local produce is used to create the tastiest bread and pastry that can be taken out or enjoyed on the spot with a cup of coffee. Make sure to check out their baking workshops and learn how to make a traditional ‘vlaai’ (pie from the province of Limburg).

Italian: At Toscanella Apuana, you are invited on a delectable journey through the heart of Italy, right here in Maastricht.

Restaurant: Without any pretention, Café Sjiek is known for its delicious food and cozy atmosphere. It’s a great place for a casual dinner or drinks with friends.

Drinking in Maastricht

Pub: It’s a bit of a search to find this ‘snail shell’ in the beautiful Stokstraatkwartier, but a visit to this cozy 37m2 little pub is definitely worth it. In 2016, bar In De Karkol was chosen as the best pub in the Netherlands after ten consecutive top-ten rankings.

Coffee: COFFEELOVERS is the place for coffee enthusiasts. Specifically, Blanche Dael coffee is served black or with delightful extras, hot or refreshingly iced, enjoyed in-store or ‘to go.’ Each COFFEELOVERS branch offers pastries and toasts alongside your delicious coffee (or tea). This establishment also features a delightful breakfast and lunch menu.

Nightlife: If you’re in Maastricht and want to find bars and places to hang out, check out the Vrijthof Square for open terraces and bars on the nearby narrow streets. You can also find many bars with cool places to go on the Markt square.

Maastricht is a student city, so it’s a great place to find good bars and lots of choices for going out.

Sphinx Bar
Vrijthof Location
Market Square Location

Shopping in Maastricht

Main Shopping Street: The most famous shopping street in Maastricht is at the Grote Staat. It’s a lively and bustling street in the city center, lined with various shops, boutiques, and stores, where you can find a wide range of items from clothing and accessories to gifts and souvenirs. Grote Staat is known for its charming atmosphere and is a popular destination for shoppers in Maastricht.

Shopping District: Discover the charm of Wyk Shopping Area in Maastricht. Shop, dine, and explore in the heart of the city. Unearth unique treasures, savor local cuisine, and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Bookstore: Since 2006, Boekhandel Dominicanen has made its home in the historic Dominican Church. We invite you to explore the beauty of this enchanting bookstore, often hailed as the most beautiful in the world. Don’t visit the website, go to the store!

Museums in Maastricht

Church: Climb the towers of the Sint Janskerk for a majestic experience! The builders of the Sint Servaas church made the tower of this church red as a sort of property mark. The paint used got its red color from marl parts from the marl caves that were infused with iron ore.

Art Museum: The Bonnefanten is one of Limburg’s three provincial museums, known for contemporary art exhibitions, medieval sculptures, and Southern Dutch painting. It focuses on conceptualism, arte povera, and American minimalism in contemporary art.

Parks & outdoors

City Park: Relax with others by the city wall from Maastricht at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Wall. In front of the wall and in the shade of the trees people are picnicking and enjoying this wonderful urban park Of Maastricht.

Park: Enjoy peace at Hoge Fronten Park in Maastricht. This old park in the center of the city has calm walks, lots of green plants, and a look into the city’s history. It’s a great place to relax.

Park: Enter the Monseigneur Nolenspark, where you can take a walk from the city wall along the river the Jeker to the bear pit and back. This is a relaxing beautiful park where locals like to relax and look for the shade in summer. A must-see when visiting Maastricht.