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Our team of guides at Free Walking Tours is diverse, consisting of both locals and non-locals with years of experience in guiding and living in Maastricht. What we share, is an insight into the best places to hang out, wine and dine. On our personalized recommendation pages, we tell you about the best museums, shopping areas, restaurants and cafes from the perspective of a local.

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Guide & Traveler

A genuine southern city of the Netherlands, Maastricht is a world apart from the western Dutch cities. I love the city for its quaint cobbled streets, exquisite restaurants and majestic churches. Join us on a tour of this lovely gem and let us show you what makes this place so unique, where to enjoy its 'gezellig' bar & restaurant scene and why this is the best Dutch place to celebrate carnival.


City Ambassador

I'm Gilbert, passionate ambassador of Maastricht. Visit my page to unlock the city's greatest landmarks, hidden gems and fascinating stories. Whether you have already joined the tour and want to enjoy more of the city, or planning your visit to the city, my recommendations' guide will get you on your way!