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Our team of guides at Guided Tours Holland is diverse, consisting of both locals and non-locals with years of experience in guiding and living in Maastricht.

We take pride in showing our guests the hidden gems and local favorites that make Maastricht so special.

Let us take you on a tour that will leave you with unforgettable memories of this beautiful city of Maastricht.

City Guide

Since I was a little kid, I loved visiting Delft. The beautiful architecture catches your eye from the moment you arrive at Delft Central train station and the city has both a beautiful history as well as a youthful pub scene.


Guide & Traveler

Delft is the hidden gem of Holland.  It is perfect for a day, its city center is perfect for walking. En because of the small size it is also within walkable distance. So you could not find a better town for a Free Walking Tour. With the walk, I show you the hidden gems and explain the rich (beer) history of this picturesque city Delft. I hope that you will join me on one of the tours, but also that you unlike most people stay in Delft for a night. Because there is enough to see for 2 days, and there is the great nightlife! So hope to see you soon in Delft!